Guess and Spell a Common English Word

Password Challenge

You can't enter the King's Gold Vault without the SECRET PASSWORD. Type it in the black box and press ENTER.
Alas, you don't know the password. You'll have to guess.
But it's said that if you fail, giving the guard a gold coin will greatly increase your chances of success.

Your gold:

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animal answer arm bird body book bottle boy brother car cat chair child city country day dog door egg eye face family farm father feet finger fire fish flower food friend girl gold hand head home horse house king land leg letter life line list man month mother mountain music name night number ocean paper pen people picture place plant question ring river rock school sea ship sister sky song star story sun sword table toe tree water week wind woman wood word world year
bad big dry early few first good great high large last little long new next old pretty rich right same short small strong tall ugly wet young
ask bring buy call cut drink eat fall fight fly give guess help hope jump keep know live look make open run sit stand talk think try use walk